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Our Web-site was launched on  MAY 2001 .We need your co-operation to make this site a master blaster

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Keys A+ =Excellent ,  A = Very Good  B= Good C = Fair
Title Owner Name Comments Grade
U2Test Aamir Ali Ansar Become a Certified Computer Professional A+
Shin International Shiekh Asim Saeed Good Site of Leather Manufacturers B
Islam Info Shiekh Asim Saeed A very Informative Site about Islam B
PakFauj Umair Ali A Good site about Pakistan Army C
ShiekhAwais Awais Aslam Very Good Personal Site A
Cricketer Saqib Waseem Akram Fans Site B
Hadiqa Kyani Site Sehar Very Good Site About Singer Hadiqa Kyani A
Momi Affan Sami A very Kute Kiddo Site B
InziOnline Syed Yasir Adil  Good Site about Inzimam Ul Haq B
PakHits Azhar Moeen A very Good Flash Intro and A very Good Site A

Our Islam

Usman Malik A very Informative Site B
Atif Personal Site Atif Anjum A very Good Personal Site ..ExcellenT FLASH intro B
Askari Commercial Bank Babar Waseem Official Site of Askari Bank A
BeaconHouse School System PSW Mano and Koko A very Good Site about BeaconHouse A
Shehzad Roy Danish Jawaid A good site about Singer Shehzad Roy B

Asad's World

Asad Rizvi A very good Personal Site B
Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan

Fair  Personal Site C
Khurram World Khurram Khan Good Personal Site ..KEep it Up B
Oral Caner Statistic Dr Hoshang Rumi Informative Site about Mouth Cancer B
Future-Designer Waqas Tahir Good Site of Web-Designers B
Aleemz World Aleem Alvi Good Site C
Proud Pakistani Mobeen  Excellent Site!! Keep Up! A+
PakLand Moiz Vaiyani Good Pakistan's Site B
Karachi Mohammad Usman Good  Site C
Nadeem Computer System S.M Nadeem Informative Site for IT People B







A very Good Search Engine and Directory Site




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